What we do

Project 150 Reno, a non-profit dedicated to helping homeless, displaced, and disadvantaged high school students, is currently serving over 30 schools in Northern Nevada.

Our History

Project 150 was inspired by a news story in 2011 about 150 homeless students at a high school in Las Vegas. Two friends rallied their colleagues and families to provide for those students and created a non-profit when they realized these students faced an on-going need. Today Project 150 serves 58 Las Vegas high schools.

Reno’s Beginning

Project 150 Reno was started in 2014 by a dedicated group of volunteers following the same mission – serve homeless, displaced, and disadvantaged students so they could focus on high school and graduate. The Reno group started by collaborating with a few high schools to provide food, clothing, school supplies, and food along with sponsoring shopping days three times a year to distribute additional supplies to students in need.


Today Project 150 Reno has provided basic need items to over 30 schools in Northern Nevada with many schools having a permanent closet that is stocked by Project 150 Reno liaisons.
What started as teen shopping days held three times per year in a church or warehouse has now evolved into a permanent boutique that can provide basic needs to student on weekly basis. The Project 150 Reno Boutique held its grand opening in April 2019 and will continue to expand access to students needing basic supplies.


Project 150 Reno has committed to provide homeless, displaced, and disadvantaged students with food, school supplies, clothing, and toiletry items. With your support Project 150 Reno can better serve the students in Northern Nevada. High school is tough enough without worrying about basic needs.

Who We Serve

Project 150 Reno serves displaced, disadvantaged and homeless high school students in Northern Nevada.

The U.S. Housing and Urban Development 2018 Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR) to Congress reported:

  • Approximately 6,800 (36%) of the 19,300 high school students in Washoe County are identified as disadvantaged, meaning these students are eligible for free/reduced-price lunch.
  • 1,404 Nevada youths were homeless with 1,177 staying in a place not meant for human habitation.
  • Approximately 84% of the homeless youth were unsheltered and on their own, unaccompanied by a parent of guardian.  This is the highest rate in the U.S.

Project 150 Reno was created out of our community’s desire to help these students.

High school is tough enough without having to worry about your next meal is coming from or where you’re going to sleep at night.

We provide basic needs – clothing, shoes, school supplies, food – to help keep these students in school.